Ushijima Loake FIA F3 British F4 2022

Mid-season FIA F3 & British F4 reviews with Reece Ushijima & Joseph Loake (podcast)

Reece Ushijima (FIA Formula 3) and Joseph Loake (British F4) join the F1 Feeder Series Podcast at the halfway points in their championships to look back on how their seasons have gone, and what to expect in the rest of 2022.

By Floris Visman

In his rookie FIA F3 season with debut team Van Amersfoort Racing, Reece Ushijima has already bagged a podium at a track he so loves: Silverstone. And while he had a tricky start of the season, he’s finding his way up and has an amazing benchmark in team mate Franco Colapinto, who we had on the F1 Feeder Series Podcast last week, alongside Jack Doohan.

A driver that isn’t a rookie, but is contesting his second season in British F4, is JHR Developments driver Joseph Loake. Contrary to last year he hasn’t won a race yet, but in our podcast he explains the differences between this season and last and what the impact has been.

Listen to or watch the latest episode of the F1 Feeder Series Podcast with Reece Ushijima and Joseph Loake right now on YouTube, Spotify or Apple Podcasts!


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