Alex Dunne on success in Italian and British F4: ‘I’m more confident’

Competing in two series in one year is relatively uncommon, especially for young racing drivers looking to make a name for themselves in junior series which are becoming ever more expensive. However, one driver doing it this season has had some of the best feeder series results of the year and is one of the most promising drivers in F4 at the moment.

by Tom Evans

It’s been a hectic year for Alex Dunne since he is contesting both the British and Italian F4 championships. Both campaigns have been very successful, especially the British F4 season which Dunne is currently leading.

Italian and British F4 this season

“It’s gone really well so far” says Dunne when speaking about his progress in British F4 this season. “Getting two wins on our first weekend at Donington park, and we’ve managed to carry that form on throughout the season with some minor blips here and there. But overall I’m very happy with how the season has gone so far.” 

When asked about how doing both Italian and British F4 has impacted his performances throughout the season, Dunne had this to say.

I’m learning lots from both teams, and I’m really improving as a driver

Alex Dunne

“There’s a lot of traveling, but I don’t have a problem with that. Motorsport is my life at the moment but that’s what I want it to be. It has been helpful to get as much seat time as possible, so that’s great.”

“I am with two very different teams (US Racing in Italian F4 and Hitech in British F4) but the end goal is the same, to try and win the championships. I’m learning lots from both teams, and I’m really improving as a driver.”

Relationship with Hitech

Dunne has had a very successful relationship with Hitech this calendar year, with their British F4 campaign being the highlight.  

An opportunity with a top team like Hitech isn’t something you turn down

Alex Dunne

“Our relationship with Hitech originally started in the F4 UAE season” says Dunne. “Oliver Oakes (Team principal/CEO) asked us whether we wanted to do the six weeks in the United Arab Emirates with them, and an opportunity with a top team like Hitech isn’t something you turn down.”

“He was really happy with my performances, so he asked me if Id like to do British F4. So we thought that with the ladder they have through the feeder series that it would be a good option and one that we took.

Rookie year vs second year

It is Dunne’s second year in car racing, having done 9 races in both Spanish F4 and ADAC F4 last season. F1 Feeder Series asked him how his approach to racing might have changed now he has some experience under his belt.

“My approach actually hasn’t changed that much, I’m still the same driver I was last year. I have definitely improved, there are always going to be things to improve on when you’re a rookie. But my attitude hasn’t changed much when going into a race weekend, I’m just more confident as I’ve got more experience.”

The remainder of the season and choosing between the two series

Having had a very successful year in Italian and British F4 so far this season, keeping up this form will be essential for Dunne to achieve the highest position possible in both championships. 

I’ll be approaching the rest of the year like I have the first half

Alex Dunne

“I’ll be approaching the rest of the year like I have the first half. To just go out and do the best I can and try and be as consistent as possible. Get the pole and get on the podium [are] our aims at the moment. 

On October 7th-9th, the British and Italian F4 weekends clash, making it impossible to do both. When queried on this matter Dunne replied that “In terms of choosing between the two, we haven’t really decided yet. It’s more of one we’ll make when the time comes, so for now I need to focus on the next few rounds.”

Looking past 2022

“We have had conversations with Hitech about F3 next year, but nothing is decided yet. The goal is definitely to move up to F3, but what championship we’ll end up racing in I’m not sure. We have talks, but nothing decided yet.”

Header Photo Credit: British F4


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