Daily Discussion: do driver academies work?

The F1 silly season merry-go-round took off in earnest last week, as Ferrari decided to replace Sebastian Vettel with Carlos Sainz. McLaren also chose to replace Sainz with a proven driver, while Renault is apparently toying with the idea of resigning the near-geriatric Fernando Alonso. As a result, several people around the interwebs asked themselves:... Continue Reading →

These are all the 2019 feeder series champions

With Lucca Allen winning the 2019 F4 SEA championship on December 15th, all the open wheel feeder series have been completed. And what a year it was, with extreme highs and lows. Don't know who won which championship? Check out this list that goes from F4 all the way up to F2 and you're up to date!

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